Empowering Our Community
Through Workforce Development


To provide job seekers with high-quality job training that prepares them for a diverse and inclusive  workforce and to be successful


The CDF envisions a diverse and inclusive community in which every person is able to earn a family-sustaining income and achieve upward mobility in the workforce


The goals of the CDF’s educational and enrichment programs are to promote multiethnic/multicultural awareness and acceptance within the community; to focus on coordination of outreach support efforts to diverse communities, to respond to and support the professional and educational needs of the disadvantaged.

The Cultural Diversity Foundation will be sponsoring many educational programs; computer skills for job readiness, scholarship workshops, and community events such as the annual Educational Taste of Excellence: Wine Tasting, Spirits & Jazz Scholarship Fundraiser, the Golden Hand Service Awards, and Looking Through the Eyes of the Beholder: An artist’s Vision to support our vision and goals.

Board of Directors

Dr. Joni Flowers

Founder, President, & Executive Director

Dr. Joni Flowers is the Founder, President and Executive Director, of the Cultural Diversity Foundation (CDF), a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which was established in 2004.   She received her Doctorate of Education, Instructional Technology with an emphasis in Distance Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Dr. Flowers served as a member of the American Association of University Women, American Education Research Association, EDUCAUSE, American Library Association, and Black Professional Women’s Alliance.

Dr. Flowers is also a full-time professor for the School of Education, College of Southern Nevada. She has been for teaching there for 25 years

In 1996, Dr. Flowers founded and organized the annual scholarship benefit, Educational Taste of Excellence: Wine Tasting, Spirits, and Jazz.

Executive Board

Dr. Joni Flowers, Founder, President, & Executive Director
Kali Fox Miller, Secretary
Joe Coe, Treasurer
Jerrie Merritt, Director

Board of Directors

Board of Directors:
Dusti Armstrong
Joe Coe
Martin Drapacz
Tony Gladney
Jerrie Merritt
Kali Fox Miller
Gordon Prouty